Transitions can be difficult...especially those that directly impact you personally.  It was difficult for me to say goodbye to Brittany Baughman, Serve ML’s longtime ministry friend and recent Director of Communications.  But, now I look forward as I begin a new chapter working with my daughter, Miranda Timofeyev. I asked Brittany and Miranda to cross-interview each other to help us segue into this new season.  Enjoy!

-Tim Cloyd, Director


Miranda Timofeyev is well-suited and enthusiastic about her new role as Director of Communications for Serve Moses Lake. For the past two and a half years, she has been a High School English teacher for the Warden School District. She sees the value and importance of careful communication to the community. She comments, “for the ministry to grown, it is key for donors and supporters to clearly understand the goals and purpose of the ministry.”


Serving the Warden community, she had lots of exposure to the difficulties faced by those in poverty. Many of her students were from broken homes in which the families were dealing with incarcerations, divorce, deportations, and the like. She experienced the struggles of students trying to come to school and learn amidst the utter chaos of their life at home. Still, she looks forward to “gaining a deeper perspective of poverty. So many people are dealing with so much more than just lack of money, there seems to always be something else at play, and I’m looking forward to gaining a deeper perspective on that.” Thankfully, Miranda won’t be starting from scratch. She will be welcomed by a team of volunteers with vast life experience as well as years of knowledge and resources to share from working with those in poverty in Moses Lake. “There’s a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from people that have been working with Serve for a lot longer than I have.”


Miranda has a deep love for the city of Moses Lake. She has lived here most of her life and wants to be “part of an organization that is clearly and undisputedly doing something good for the community. In a way that is not just giving handouts, but working toward a long term solution.”


The heart of Serve Moses Lake is very relational; Miranda highly values relationship and recognizes the hard work and intentionality that accompany building relationships. “I love the process of Serve Moses Lake, we’re going to talk to you, see what’s going on, learn how deep your need goes, not just settle for what comes out on the surface.”


And what does she think about having her Dad as her boss? “I think that dad is very direct, he is very caring, he values relationship and the whole person. He is good at seeing my gifts as well as seeing my weaknesses and challenging me. He is compassionate and caring but also knows when I need the fire lit under me.”

-Brittany Baughman


This year brings an end and some new beginnings for Brittany Baughman, Serve Moses Lake’s former director of communications. Brittany resigned in the beginning of December and has now transitioned out of the position. Brittany has been involved with Serve in one capacity or another since its earliest days; over the course of nearly 10 years working with Serve, Brittany has taken on the responsibilities of volunteer receptionist and office intaker, board member, and most recently as the Director of Communications. “Serve is just such a part of being in Moses Lake to me,” Brittany shared.

Brittany has loved working with Serve, and she has certainly been blessed both by the most enjoyable parts and by those that challenged her. Brittany, an introvert by nature, has been challenged through her time with Serve to speak up. “I’ll never forget my first board meeting,” Brittany said. “I was 27 years old, sitting at a table surrounded mostly by men old enough to be my father-- a majority of them were pastors, to boot!” Brittany now laughs about the experience, but shared that she couldn’t help but feel intimidated. “It was hard for me to accept that my voice might have a place among theirs,” Brittany said. She was challenged in those and other experiences, and God used them to teach her about her value. According to Brittany, God challenged her to let go of her fear of failure and to accept that not all of her efforts would result in success. Since her six years of service as a Serve board member, Brittany has grown much more confident in her voice, and has even preached in her church-- twice!


The heart of SML is relationship, and Brittany feels blessed to have experienced just that. She loved getting to know the office volunteers and the new church ambassadors, and enjoyed seeing all our church partners working together so beautifully. One of Brittany’s favorite things about Serve is how it brings people from all walks of life together with a common purpose. She said, “It can be so easy to see the ways we are different, but when we set our eyes on a common goal, God graces us with an ability to look past our differences and see the ways we are the same and just how effective we can be when we join together and rally around a common goal.” In addition to her love for Serve’s many partners, Brittany is thankful for the new perspective she gained in regards to the true nature of poverty and homelessness. She now feels that she has a better understanding of the importance of helping individuals experiencing poverty in a way that “empowers them as individuals, is respectful, and that encourages and recognizes the need for reconciliation in our relationships.”


As for the next chapter for Brittany, her hopes are to “run faster and live slower.” Brittany will now be staying home with her two daughters, Moira and Margo, and hopes to show them a way of living that isn’t commonly seen in our society. “I would like to savor the process of living everyday life,” Brittany said. “Walk to the places we need to go, spend more time sitting on the floor and playing with my girls, making our food from scratch and canning, sewing and crafting.” As for the other part of her hopes, Brittany wants to “run faster”. Brittany has been a runner for many years, and hopes to dedicate more time to improving her pace in addition to continual use of running as a space for personal growth.


Although Brittany is moving on from her position as Serve’s Director of Communications, she plans to continue her service and involvement with Serve in other ways, such as serving as an ambassador with her church. We, the staff and volunteers of Serve Moses Lake, are endlessly grateful for Brittany’s service and pray all the best for her and her family as they move into a new and exciting chapter of their lives.

-Miranda Timofeyev, Director of Communications


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