Walking the long road together

August 8, 2016



Every day we get to witness the first part of our mission statement in action- "Help people". We help people. We join them in their journey through life's valleys and help them navigate through. Sometimes help is simple, most times it is complex. 


But, often times, once a client's need has been met, we don't get the opportunity to see what happens next. We have prayed with them, and often times we have referred them to a local church which partners with us to meet the client's need. But what happened after that? Did they ever return to that church? Did they emerge from the valley in which we met them? Has their situation improved? worsened? We so desire to continue our journey with people after they have walked out of our office doors; to walk the long road together.


So when we get phone calls like this... we rejoice.


Take a moment to savor Judy's story:


"A client I met several weeks ago was seeking assistance to pay for a rental application/background check fee.  She felt under pressure to find a rental before she had her baby in August or CPS would take her baby, due to some past issues.  Three weeks ago, a church that supports our ministry was willing to pay the fee, and she went to the church to receive the check.  She called Serve to leave a message for me that she was attending the church and had attended the last three Sundays. Hallelujah!


She came in again recently asking for the same assistance for a rental.  As it turned out, she had returned the check to the church as the rental she had hoped for was gone, and she wanted to let the church know so it could assist someone else. She again expressed to me that she was enjoying the church.  I prayed that she sense not only the presence of the Holy Spirit in a moment, but would truly trust that the Holy Spirit indwells within her as a continual presence walking her journey closely with her.  We know not how long her walk will continue as we at Serve realize the tumultuous lives of so many of our clients.  However, even if stepping off track for a while, my hope is they will have experienced the nurturing of the church community connection and compassionate touch of the Lord's power long enough to actively thirst and seek to know Him...all in God's right timing!"

         -Judy Allen, Intake Volunteer


Thank you, Jesus, for this road of life that we walk.

Thank you for not walking alone.

Thank you, for grace and peace that allows us to walk together.



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