The Gift of Encouragement

May 23, 2016


           On the wall in the reception area, hangs a colorful hand-drawn piece of artwork with the words, “Serve Moses Lake” incorporated (Pictured at bottom of post). It was given to our office as a “Thank You” gift. The artist, who has become a friend, is a middle-aged man who is a familiar face. A kind, and friendly man who was recently released from jail comes in often for lunch and coffee. Since his release he has been working hard and putting forth a strong effort to stay on the right track. He has shared with receptionist Karin Sparks about his various struggles and the difficulty he is having to keep his housing and stay involved in a treatment program. Sometimes, Karin explains, he just needs some encouragement that he is doing the right thing and that he can keep going on the right path.


             Although "encouragement" is not always a tangible form of assistance, it is a vital help to keep each of us moving forward during times of difficulty or uncertainty. The definition of the word "encourage" is "to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to spur on." Don't we all need that? Many of us are fortunate to have close friends and family to be those natural encouragers in our lives, but some people don't have such supports. This is what Serve Moses Lake is about; joining people on their journey. Walking through the valleys alongside them. Speaking words of truth and courage into their lives during the dark times. Pointing them to an eternal friend, Jesus, who never fails and never abandons. Why else have we been given hope and courage from the Lord, but to impart that same hope to others?


Below- Artwork hung proudly in our office reception area.

A "thank you" gift from a long-time friend and client of Serve Moses Lake.



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