The History of Serve Moses Lake


For many years, the pastors involved in the Moses Lake Ministerial Association have sensed the need for a coordinated effort in meeting the benevolent needs within our community. On a daily basis, hurting and needy people “drop in” to the many churches in Moses Lake, seeking help for their various financial and physical needs. The good news is people know that they can turn to the church... and ultimately to the Lord Jesus Christ for help. The bad news is the “right hand” rarely knows what the “left hand” is doing; one church isn’t aware of what another church has already done. And on a broader scale, the churches are by and large unfamiliar with all that is available via the many state, federal or privately funded social agencies in our community. Not to mention the many ways that local businesses and other community organizations go the extra mile to help the hurting.

The end result is that the full-range of needs are often going unmet. Pastors are often left applying “band-aids,” and sending people on their way. A night in a motel here... a little bit of food there... but little coordinated effort to see the big picture.

This began to change back in 2006 when the Ministerial Association became aware of a ministry in Wenatchee called Serve Wenatchee Valley. We heard that more than thirty churches were working together to support a centralized office where all of those who drop in can be sent. Time is spent getting to know each person and a wide range of needs are assessed. A centralized data base is created, and all of this works in concert with the local churches.

We got to know the director. We asked a lot of questions. And we were well on our way toward implementing Serve Moses Lake.


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