"Helping people, encouraging reconciliation, and connecting them to the local Church."


1. "Helping people... find the help they need"

    a. Referrals to local help agencies, employment services, etc.

        i. Foster healthy relationships between SML and local agencies

    b. Various assistance (financial, material, emotional, spiritual) through local supporting churches

    c. Verifying actual needs


2. "Encouraging reconciliation" (2 Corinthians 5:19)

    a. SML will work diligently with clients to mend broken relationships with God/self/others/creation. 

    b. SML volunteers will be encouraged to walk with clients, working toward reconciliation.


3. "Connecting them to the local church"

    a. SML believes that ALL of us need to be fully connected to a local Christian Church.

        i. SML will assist and encourage any/all clients to become engaged at a local Christian Church.

    b. SML believes in the Unity of the Body of Christ.

        i. SML will assist and encourage any activity/event that helps to unite the local churches.

        ii. Local Churches linking arms together through SML (Galatians 2:9-10)


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