People have needs. 

In many ways, the mere act of meeting those needs can be very satisfying, but, can also lead to dependency if we are not careful. 

Our organization realizes that some needs are more critical than others.  Take housing for example, people need a place to hang their hat, a place to call home.  The iHELP model is unique in that it targets the key needs in a home: power, water, and shelter.  This program is a "bridge assistance" concept to give a hand up - not a hand out.

Every person desiring to keep their home is liable for its costs.

However, during financial hardships, job loss, and medical emergencies that threaten possible eviction, iHELP can be the bridge of assistance a person or family is looking for.  

Individual Housing Essentials Liabilities Program or iHELP, is a dual relationship between Serve and the client.  It's binary process links us with the client for the sole purpose of preventing homelessness.  We are not creating dependency, rather, empowering those on the fringe to find self-dignity again and the value of sustaining home ownership. 

Our ministry paradigm is a "doing with" rather than "doing for."

Please team with us.

Thank you!



Here is how you can help:

$500 provides utilities assistance for a month.

$1500 provides mortgage/rental assistance for a month.

$2000 provides for it all.

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